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Our Vision

Basil Fuleihan was a liberal thinker who worked diligently for the future of Lebanon and dedicated his life to its economic and political freedom. He shared a vision with Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri of a greater Lebanon; a successful, prosperous, independent and united country. Basil was the quintessential Lebanese youth, who went abroad for his graduate studies at two of the most prestigious universities, gained valuable work experience as an economist in the United States and then returned to his homeland to help in its reconstruction following the ruinous civil war. His valuable contributions produced massive change in Lebanon, and he verified how one person could effect positive change as long as the determination and will was there. Basil is an inspiration for all those Lebanese who want to return to their country and make a difference.

Unfortunately, Basil Fuleihan died before he could fulfill his dreams for Lebanon, yet, the death of a great man does not mean a death of his ideas. Thus, his widow, Yasma Fuleihan took the initiative to establish the Basil Fuleihan Foundation to ensure that his dreams come true, his vision is fulfilled and his ideas are realised. This foundation aims to lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s Lebanon by promoting improvements in public policy and public service. We feel that the best way to honour Basil’s sacrifice is by continuing his work. His goal was to show Lebanese everywhere that their country could be made to work – but only if they did it for themselves.

Dr. Basil Fuleihan believed that economic development begins at the community level and is only sustainable if it comes from and is embraced by members of the community. Through this Foundation, we aim to encourage Lebanese to identify their specific needs and empower them to participate in the decision-making process in order to satisfy those needs. Also, we want to build confidence among Lebanese and encourage them to formulate their own strategies for overcoming challenges to development. In the process, we will facilitate increased cross-cultural understanding, build confidence and acceptance within society and find solutions to development issues.

The Basil Fuleihan Foundation will provide an open forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas and solutions relating to broad-based social and economic needs and identify ways to accelerate economic growth and social development. The Foundation will attempt to develop innovative solutions to broad-based social and economic problems by sponsoring research and analysis in the fields of public policy, public service, reform, transparency and good governance. It will also address the critical development problems by presenting proposals and solutions to the government, public sector, NGOs, civil society or other institutions, and introducing them to the public for interactive dialogue on development policies.

The programs of the Foundation aim to produce frameworks for intervention and/or actual interventions which translate into a better quality of life for Lebanese citizens. The short-term focus of the Foundation’s work is guided by the following themes:

  • Innovative Good Governance and Youth
  • Strategic and Innovative Approaches to Public Policy Making and Problem Solving
  • Public Sector Reform and Best Practices in Government Services and Operations

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote public policies that will create job opportunities and accelerate economic development by formulating innovative strategies for sustainable growth; and to encourage improvements in public service by promoting reform, transparency, accountability and the rule of law. We pursue and promote these objectives through advocacy, research, publications and awareness campaigns with a strategic focus on critical political, social, economic, ecological, and cultural dimensions of development.

Basil Fuleihan Foundation
20, rue Halwani, Sanayeh Sector, Beirut, Lebanon
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