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Is it possible to submit a collaborative work written by several authors?

You are welcome to collaborate on your research in groups of up to three people. All participants in the group will need to be between the ages of 18 and 30, and either of Lebanese origin or a foreigner residing in Lebanon.

Can I conduct a case analysis on one government agency, or should it address the public sector in general?

We leave it up to the applicant to present a convincing case as to what he/she thinks is the innovative good governance aspect of the item he/she is writing about and why it should be adopted by one or more government agency. It is up to you to decide which angle is more suitable.

How will you make sure that the competition is fair?

Submit a cover page with only your email contact information.

Why do the top two winners get an internship?

The internship will give the winners a chance to try to implement their idea in a government ministry or non-governmental organization. We want to encourage young people to think of innovative ways to improve governance, and then give them the opportunity to put those ideas into practice.

Can I submit more than one research paper?

There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make. We welcome all of your ideas on how to improve governance in Lebanon.

I participated last year. Can I participate again this year?

As long as you submit a completely different idea/proposal, you are welcome to participate again this year.

Do I have to register before I participate in the competition?

There is no need to register before participating. When you go to basilfuleihanfoundation.org website to post your application, you are automatically registered at the time of submission. Upon submission, each paper is assigned an electronic ID that is specific to that application.

Your question not in the list?

Please click here to send us your question by email.


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