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Innovative Good Governance in the Public Sector encompasses a wide range of government services, including dissemination of information, commerce with the private sector, and services to individual citizens and businesses. Good governance initiatives are a burgeoning phenomenon across the globe, regionally and locally, with substantial ongoing investments to support improvements in underlying organizational structures, administrative procedures, training of staff and technological infrastructures, especially in the delivery of services to citizens. The reduction of administrative red-tape and operational costs is central to the improvement of government services, as is the elimination of corrupt practices, especially in a country like Lebanon, which ranks among the lowest in the region in transparency indices. The Basil Fuleihan Foundation seeks to encourage innovative practices in good governance, particularly among the youth of today, who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Through a research paper competition, we aim to contribute to the ongoing good governance campaign, by soliciting and eventually promoting innovative ideas and practices.

The main objective and scope of the research paper competition is to solicit innovative good governance ideas that have potential for implementation in Lebanon or have already been implemented (in or outside Lebanon) but can be replicated in other settings. The papers should demonstrate a solid understanding of the concept of good governance, present an innovative idea for good governance, offer an analysis of why it is useful and how it contributes to improvements in the delivery of government services to citizens, and provide a description of where and how the concept can be applied in Lebanon. Successfully implemented good governance case studies from across the world and from Lebanon are also acceptable if their relevance to a specific government agency can be clearly demonstrated. Papers that address the political, managerial, cultural and technological challenges that face the development and adoption of innovative good governance in the delivery of public sector services in Lebanon are also encouraged.

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